Legacy - Downloads

The only binary currently available for Legacy is for Linux. However, it's an exceptionally easy application to port to other platforms, requiring a simple truecolour graphics library and a night or two. In addition to the application itself, you'll need to obtain some compatible disk images, I recommend obtaining these from Retrograde Station.

To run an image file, you'll need to type the following at the command line from the Legacy directory. Legacy supports most disk image sizes - check the source if you have any doubts:

bin/project1 <imagename>

The current revision of the source code is also targeted to Linux at the moment, although I hope to make a Windows Visual Studio .NET project available in the coming weeks. It compiles with GCC and make using the enclosed Makefile. Thanks to Gaffer for the excellent TinyPTC framebuffer library - you'll need to obtain this seperately if you plan on compiling Legacy.

Note: Legacy is an application in early development - you will come across many half finished and buggy features.

Download Linux binary/source tar.gz (92K)

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