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Shinelife is a collection of open-source projects and articles with no particular commercial orientation. There are currently two such projects showcased here:

java maze (pictured above) - a fast 3D raycasting engine targeting the Java platform, somewhere between Wolfenstein 3D and Doom in terms of visuals. java maze is available as an applet, enabling you to experience it within your web browser.

Legacy - an addition to the growing family of software known as "emulators" - applications that allow one computer system to run software from another computer system. Legacy is a portable emulator of the original 8086-based IBM PC written in C/C++, and is designed to allow games from this platform to be run on more modern hardware.

You may also be interested to read the handbook, a cynical, but possibly extremely factual article written to help newcomers (especially graduates) make sense of the modern Web industry.

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